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Our ACRA licensed professional will assist you to get company incorporated. The following incorporation packages are designed to meet clients' needs:

  • Local Incorporation Package

To take this package, all directors and shareholders must be Singaporean or Singapore PR. The package covers all necessary services for start-up, and is suitable for these clients need one-stop services, so they can focus on bigger things. The rate is SGD715, including government fees of SGD315, free company secretary, free registered address, free share certificate, free company stamp.

  • Foreign Investor Package

This package is customized for foreign investors and the rate varies as the required services.


Key Details Required for Company Registration:

  • Company Name

The name must be approved before incorporation of the Singapore company can occur.

  • Directors

A minimum of one resident director (a resident is defined as a Singapore Citizen, a Singaporean Permanent Resident, etc) is mandatory. There is no limit on the number of additional local or foreign directors a Singapore Company can appoint. Directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or convicted of any malpractice in the past. There is no requirement for the directors to also be shareholders, i.e. non-shareholders can be appointed directors.

  • Shareholders

A Singapore private limited company can have a minimum of 1 and maximum of 50 shareholders. A director and shareholder can be the same or a different person. The shareholder can be a person or another legal entity such as another company or trust. 100% local or foreign shareholding is allowed. New shares can be issued or existing shares can be transferred to another person any time after the Singapore company has gone through the incorporation process.

  • Company Secretary

As per Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, every company must appoint a qualified company secretary. The company secretary must be a natural person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore.

  • Share Capital

Minimum paid-up capital for registration of a Singapore company is S$1. Paid-up capital (also known as share capital) can be increased anytime after the incorporation of the company. There is no concept of Authorized Capital for Singapore companies.

  • Registered Address

In order to register a Singapore company, you must provide a local Singapore address as the registered address of the company. The registered address must be a physical address (can be either a residential or commercial address) and cannot be a PO Box.

As per Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, every company must appoint a qualified company secretary. The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore and he/she must not be the sole director of the company.

The Secretary may also be held liable for the company's failure to comply with the law in certain situations.

The secretary of a public company must comply with section 171(1AA) of the Companies Act i.e. must possess at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Been a secretary for at least 3 of the 5 years immediately before his appointment.
  • Qualified person under the Legal Profession Act (Cap. 161).
  • Public accountant registered under the Accountants Act (Cap. 2).
  • Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.
  • Member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.
  • Member of the Association of International Accountants (Singapore Branch).
  • Member of the Institute of Company Accountants, Singapore.

Our experienced and qualified team of company secretaries will assist and ensure that your company is fully complying with Singapore regulations.

In order to register a Singapore company, you must provide a local Singapore address as the registered address of the company, which must be operational and accessible to the public during normal office hours. The registered address must be a physical address and cannot be a PO Box.

If you want to use HDB home address as the registered address of your company, you have to provide a copy of home office business license from HDB to prove that your home address has been approved by HDB to be used as an office.

If you want to use private home address as the registered address of your company, you need register with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore. For this, no license needs to be produced for ACRA when incorporating your company.

Alternatively, you can use our registered address service - we provide a prestigious address for registered office which is located in Singapore CBD, next to MRT station.

According to the Singapore Companies Act, a Singapore company is required to have at least one ordinarily resident of Singapore to act as a Director of the Company. An individual is ordinarily a resident in Singapore if the individual:

  • Is a Singapore citizen, or a Singapore Permanent Resident, etc;
  • Has a Singapore residential address; and
  • Has his usual place of residence in Singapore.

Foreign investors who are setting up a Singapore company, you will need to find an individual who is ordinarily a resident of Singapore to act as the local director of your company; alternatively, you may engage Nominee Resident Director Service provided by local accounting firms, corporate services providers, or law firms.

We provide Nominee Resident Director Service to companies that are seeking a resident director for the sole purpose of meeting the statutory requirements mandated by the Singapore Companies Act.

You may wish to close the company for various reasons. However, closing a company is a very complex and time-consuming process, requiring you to comply with a myriad of necessary legal and statutory requirements. We offer full range of liquidation services, ensuring that all statutory requirements are met.

Strike-off is a commonly used and less complex option for closing a company. To strike off a company, the company must not carry on business and be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • The company has not commenced business since incorporation or has ceased trading.
  • No existing assets and liabilities as at the date of application.
  • The shareholder(s) have provided written consent to the striking off application.
  • All the director(s) agree and consent to the striking off application. 
  • The company has submitted the latest unaudited balance sheet.
  • No outstanding tax liabilities with IRAS.
  • No outstanding employers’ CPF contributions owing to CPF Board.
  • No outstanding debts owed to any other government agency.
  • No outstanding charges in the charge register.
  • The company is not involved in any legal proceedings (within or outside Singapore).

If the company has submitted its last accounts, the accounts should have no assets and liabilities. However, if the accounts show that the company has assets and liabilities, the applicant must submit documentary evidence to show that the assets have been disposed off and that the liabilities have been settled or waived.